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What are the benefits of the massage?

Massage has been known for thousands of years in ancient Greece, China, India, and Egypt. In the Western world medication has taken the place of the massage for long time, but fortunately, nowadays it’s popular again.

Today we can choose from over 60 different types of massage. Each of them is designed to relax the body, stimulate blood circulation and oxygen supply, and reduce pain.

Massage can be especially useful for nervousness, back pain, headache, and hypertension, and it has many other beneficial effects. After training, muscles are regenerated much faster, and fewer fibers are injured when we finish the sport with massage. There are no white blood cells in them, so the body does not need to spend energy to recover damaged muscle.

Some good advices, for taking a massage:

Wellness services of our Hotel

You also deserve a little pleasure!

Healing part body massage 5 300 Ft / 25min Healing whole body massage 6 400 Ft / 50min
Migraine head massage 6 100 Ft / 25min Bio-relax whole body massage 8 600 Ft / 50min
Stress release head-neck-back massage 8 400 Ft / 40min Managermassage 9 400 Ft / 60min
Foot reflex zone massage 6 100 Ft / 25min Foot reflex zone massage 8 100 Ft / 50min
Shiatsu massage 6 100 Ft / 25min Shiatsu massage 8 100 Ft / 50min
Thai massage 6 100 Ft / 25min Thai massage whole body 8 100 Ft / 50min
Lymph massage 5 100 Ft / 25min Lymph massage 7 100 Ft / 50min
Manicure (whitout varnish) 4 000 Ft / occasion Manicure (varnishing, decoration) 4 500 Ft / occasion
Pedicure (whitout varnish) 4 500 Ft / occasion Pedicure (varnishing, decoration 4 800 Ft / occasion

Ear candles 4 500 Ft / 25min Ear candles 67500 Ft / 50min
Finnish sauna 1200 Ft / occasion
Bathrobe 1 800 Ft / occasion

Other services: